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Edward Cullen
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I'm Edward Cullen
and this is my livejournal

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Edward Cullen [userpic]

What does one get his soon to be bride for their wedding?

Perhaps a small exotic island?

Or a fondu set?

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Edward Cullen [userpic]

This is a pre-RPG blog. Not actually part of the RPG.

Where I Am: Lounge Room
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Edward Cullen [userpic]

If the night were endless, I’d measure time by our love,
I'd do all I could to fill you with it and spill you over
I'd memorize every inch of you, and take it into forever with me
For after something this powerful, this deep
There is nothing after here.

I am no longer afraid of what time will bring,
For I have lived an eternity in your glow
And my only wish would be for this entity we've created
To find a place in the heavens to belong
A new constellation, for future lovers to wish on.

Because I know how she will love my romantic gesture...

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Edward Cullen [userpic]

I just thought I should start this journal off.

With a very small entry.

I should go now. Bella has probably fallen over again!

How I Am Feeling: cheerfulcheerful
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